Phase 2 of Lumen, inspiring kids!

12 February

Marty and I are super duper excited about our next phase of Lumen Jewelry, using it to inspire the next generation of our minions!   Mwa ha ha ha!  Er, wait, I mean, inspiring little engineers and scientists!  Yeah, that’s it.  We are working to adapt our smaller jewelry pieces into kits like this cute solar cockroach.  We’ll also be making Instructables and videos to show how to assemble our kits.    AND most importantly of all, we’re working with a few contacts in local schools to get our kits into the hands of children.  Blinky for everyone!

You can help!  100% of purchases of Lumen Jewelry on Etsy will go towards this effort.   Honest, we both have pretty cool day jobs, this is what we do for fun.  Even $15 can help, and you get cool jewelry.  Win Win!

Stay tuned, in the next few months we’ll regularly update you on our progress.  Below are a few teasers., computer renderings of our first two kits, the Heart and Owl.


Heart Kit



Owl Kit

Live long and prosper,


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