We have a website!

28 August

Woohoo, we have our own web page! It’s so nice to have our own space on the web, our own little niche to share with all of you. Don’t get me wrong, I like our facebook page, but it’s kinda like the difference between renting and owning. Facebook was the rental, but this is OURS! We can decorate the walls however we like now. “Hey, let’s add a breakfast nook. Ooo, I want a window there, and a closet would be so nice.” You get the idea.

We’re beyond grateful to so many people. First we’d like to thank our parents, Bill and Rita, for encouraging us and raising us and generally everything else you do. We love you two! Second I’d like to thank all my friends who have been receiving our prototypes with such enthusiasm over the past 2 years, waiting patiently. Your drool has been our fuel, so thank you. It also encouraged us to make them waterproof. We’d also like to thank the team at Power Up Productions; Chelsea, Angela, and Ryan. Without you this website literally wouldn’t exist. BTW, does anything on the web exist, like this chair I’m sitting in “exists”? But anyway, I digress. And last but not least, we’d also like to thank you dear reader, for checking out our little corner of the web. However you found us, thanks for stopping by. Feel free to browse, explore, and generally poke around.

And finally I’ll end with a request; if you like what you see here please sign up for our weekly newsletter. I know your inboxes are bursting, but you’ll want to read this.  We have big plans in the works, a KICKSTARTER campaign!  We’re so thrilled, we’re tickled chartreuse!  If you sign up for our newsletter you’ll be the first on your block to know when we offer blinky bits for sale.  If all goes well (fingers and toes and legs and arms crossed) we’ll launch in the next 2 weeks, and deliver your goods before Christmas.  We’ll be selling a limited quantity of jewelry in the kickstarter, and we predict they’ll go fast.  So beat the crowd and sign up now!

Live long and prosper,


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