On to plan B

12 November

Do’h!  The kickstarter campaign was a resoundingly unsuccessful, only $1,636 raised out of $25k.  We’re taking that as a sign that although people LOVE our blinky awesomeness, kickstarter may not be the  correct outlet.  Never fear fans, we are by no means done.  As engineers we have plan B (and C and D and E…we just can’t help ourselves)  mostly mapped out.  Details are still being finalized, but the basic plan is to manufacture the blinky bling ourselves in small batches, one design every few months.    Stay tuned for all the latest and greatest, and sign up for our newsletter to ON YOUR RIGHT to receive  the latest news.  We may even choose to first release designs that aren’t on the kickstarter, so stay tuned!

And just to wet your appetite, here’s a preview of one of the NEW designs we may release first.  The heart.


Live long and prosper,


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