Milwaukee Maker Fest Success

26 October

Milwaukee Maker Fest last weekend was a big success!  A big thanks to all the organizers for putting together such a well run event, your hard work really paid off.  Marty and I had  a lot of fun talking with people and sharing our jewelry.  And lest you think it was all work, we took terns abandoning each other at the table to check out all the geektacular stuff.  Below are pictures Marty took.  We really hope there is a next year (hint hint).


P1090898 P1090900 P1090901 P1090903 P1090904 P1090905 P1090906 P1090907 P1090908 P1090910 P1090911 P1090915 P1090917 P1090918 P1090921 P1090922P1090924P1090925P1090923P1090927 P1090928 P1090929 P1090931 P1090934 P1090935 P1090936 P1090937 P1090938 P1090939 P1090940 P1090943 P1090948 P1090953 P1090960 P1090962 P1090965 P1090967 P1090969 P1090974 P1090975

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