Bubbler display

22 July

Not the kind of bubbler with a lower case “b” that involves water, but the cool multipurpose room with a capital “B” Bubbler at the Madison central library.  Our friend Joe Kerman from Sector 67 is the artist in residence for July and August.  He’s pulling together all sorts of crazy things like a Madison made 3D printer/3D scanner from Radiant fabrication called the Lionhead.  And cause we know him, we get in on the action too.

We decided to make a display out of engraved mirrored acrylic and light the edge with LED’s .  The mirror would allow people to see both the front and back of our jewelry.  And anywhere the acylic is engraved by the laser would reflect the light.  The total effect would be hard to miss.

First we engraved prototypes on cardboard to make sure the layout and fit was correct.

IMG_20140626_165943519 IMG_20140626_171725439


Next we engraved the acrylic back, with a mirror image of the design.  Below is a picture of the first edge lighting, you can see the LED strip at the top. OOooo, pretty.


Next we mounted the jewelry on the front with standoffs so you can see both the front and back.


P1020313_small P1020318_small

We attached the charging cords and charger so it would run 24/7.  Then I dropped it off at Bubbler.   Go check it out!



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