CONvergence Con

08 July

July 3-6 was CONvergence CON in Bloomington, MN.  We had 20 of our pieces in the art show, the maximum they would allow.  We had never been to the CON, but it looked like a lot of fun on their website.  And boy was it ever!  4 days of non-stop geeky fun, with unlimited fancy coffee included.  Score!


The art show was an auction style, and we did really well.  7 pieces!  That is a record for us selling finished jewelry, and we weren’t even there to help persuade people.  Or maybe that is why they sold?  Nah, couldn’t be our winning personalities.  😉


We also found out what fails first in long term real life testing of the Butterfly.  This Butterfly was one of the first prototypes created back in 2011, and I have been wearing it ever since.  We were trying to charge it before the CON and discovered the switch was not working properly.  It only charged in EXACTLY the correct position.  Good information to know.


Live long and Solder on,


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