MetaCon 2014

10 November

MetaCon 2014 was a lot of fun.  However as a business trip it was a bit of a miss, not as lucrative as we’d hoped.  The reason is we (rather, I) misjudged the attendees, they were younger than expected.  I’d say 90% were under 22.  And as much as they LOVED our jewelry (seriously, I’ve never heard so many gasps and squeals lol), they did not have much disposable income.  It wasn’t a huge financial risk for us to go because our parents live nearby, just a significant time commitment.  Chalk it up to a learning experience, the Sci-Fi/Anime audience can be different at every CON.  Below are a few pictures.

Live long and solder on,



IMG_20141031_115500058_HDR_smallIMG_20141031_134525954_HDR_smallIMG_20141101_105734251_small IMG_20141101_131941283_small  IMG_20141031_163214_small  IMG_20141101_164304867_small

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