Can I charge my cell phone with the jewelry?

22 April

Another interesting question we get from customers is this:

Customer:  “Can I charge my cell phone with Lumen Jewelry?”
Us:  “No”
Customer:  “What if I leave it on there for a really long time?”
Us:  “Still no.  It doesn’t have enough solar surface area.”

The amount of power a solar panel has is directly proportional to its surface area.

Our jewelry, at most, has 1/2 square inch of solar panels.

To charge a cell phone you’d need something like this from Brown Dog Gadgets.  It has about 30 square inches and will charge your phone in 3-4 hours in full sun.


5W solar charger from Brown Dog Gadgets

Much Bigger.

Even in full sun our jewelry couldn’t even charge a watch battery.  It’s super energy efficient, it runs for 5+ hours on almost no power.  Neat!

2 Responses to “Can I charge my cell phone with the jewelry?”

  1. Pat April 23, 2015 at 7:40 pm #

    What’s the wattage output of the lumen solar panels then?

    • Lumen Electronic Jewelry April 26, 2015 at 5:56 pm #

      In full sun each 1/4inch square solar panel puts out 1.5 milliwatts at 0.55 volts. So the total solar array of the dragonfly is just under 10 milliwatts. A LOT less than the 5 watts for the cell phone charger from Brown Dog Gadgets. Most people don’t understand what a watt is, so we used surface area to compare.

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