Purple Butterfly

Shrinking the Butterfly

18 May

Many customers commented that they felt the Butterfly is a bit large.  It has a lot of empty space and was one of our first designs, so it is due for an upgrade.  I was still learning how to design circuit boards back then.

Recently Marty came up with a new circuit design that has the usual 16 leds but charges on HALF the solar area.  Yes, thats right, HALF.   Instead of our usual 12 1/4inch solar cells it works just as well on 6.  He’s brilliant I tell ya.

So we decided to check off two tasks with one fell swoop.  We re-design the butterfly to be smaller and used the new more efficient circuit.  Below is a picture of the old butterfly board on top and the new one on bottom.


We assembled the new one and so far it is working great!  It is still going through testing, but look for it to be for sale sometime this summer.

In the meantime we are putting the old butterfly on sale for 30% off!  Get them while supplies last.

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