One Ring to Rule Them All

09 June

You asked for it, we designed it.  Ring bases for Lumen jewelry pieces!


Did I mention they are 3D printed by Shapeways utilizing nylon selective laser sintering?  Ooo, shiny, lasers.  Pew Pew Pew!


And thats not all, one ring really DOES rule them all!  We designed them to be adjustable for a range of sizes.  It took us 3 iterations, but we did it to simplify your life.


The first two iterations on the left functioned like a hose clamp.  Their size was adjusted by turning a tiny set screw with a tiny allen wrench.  But this required small grooves in the band that were difficult to 3D print


So we rotated the screw 90 deg, from the small set screw on the left to a larger machine screw on the right.  This eliminated infinite adjustment in the final design but still gave full ring sizes.


To adjust the new design simply remove the screw, push the band tighter or pull larger till it fits, then insert the screw.  The size is locked in place by the larger grooves on the outside.  Bam!


So which of our designs do you want to see as a ring first?  Email us your ideas at info@lumenelectronicjewelry.com.

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