New Photos!

19 April

We have updated some of our photos.  Photography has always been difficult for us.  Cameras do not work the same as the human eye. If the lighting is too bright, the camera does not pick up the blinks.  If it is dim enough to see the blinks on screen, the jewelry is too dark to see detail.  Its a constant balance, more of an art than a science.

Our compromise is to take a good photo of the jewelry and add the blink afterwards as an effect in Photoshop.  Believe me, we’ve tried all the usual tricks and this achieves a pretty cool look.  See for yourself!

Sinister skulls.


And new items.  Purple Square Necklaces.

Or The Polygon

More soon!

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  1. Judy April 20, 2017 at 1:06 pm #

    I bought some earrings awhile ago. Love them. You might consider having more that 2 blinking lights on each erring. Four maybe.

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