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Amazon Update

30 May

It has only been a month but we have already broken even. Wow!

What does that mean, exactly?

With all the fees involved selling on Amazon we weren’t sure when sales would cover them plus cost of goods.  But we’ve had enough sales in our first month to have a net loss of only $1.24.  Technically it’s a loss, but we call that a WIN.

In fact we sold out of our Red Rocket kits! We sent a new shipment to the Amazon warehouses last week and they are now back in stock.   Check them out.

Obviously losing $1.24 the first month leaves no room for profit.  But our sales have been steady and we are optimistic that they will grow.  A review from you will help a lot.  If you are thinking of buying a kit or two do it through Amazon.  If you have prime you’ll save on shipping and the review will help our small business move up in their rankings.  WIN-WIN!

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