Saying Goodbye :(

29 June

You may have noticed Lumen has been silent since late Feb. We had big plans for 2020 (didn’t we all!). More in person classes as well as retiring old designs to make room for new blinky bling in kit and jewelry form.

But then the global pandemic started and events were postponed. And postponed again. And then canceled altogether. It became clear this pandemic was going to last longer than 3 months. Maybe years.

The fact is we make most of our income from in person shows and small classes. We have never figured out the formula to sell our jewelry online, despite trying literally EVERYTHING. Yes we tried that, and that. TRUST ME, WE DID. And no we cannot teach soldering classes online, its hard enough to do safely in person. Think about it.

Plus despite being engineers we actually like seeing people IRL.

So we had a heart to heart and came to the difficult decision to close down Lumen. We cannot in good conscience risk the lives of our family or our fans to make some side money on a luxury item.

Maybe in a few years things will be safe and in person shows will resume. But we can’t last that long without income. Although our monthly costs are minimal compared to many businesses, they will become a substantial burden to our personal finances in the long run.

So we are shutting down the business. This decision was not made lightly and has caused many tears. But it’s the right thing for us.

There is one small bit of good news… we are having a big clearance sale.


If you have ever wanted Lumen jewelry, NOW IS THE TIME. Supplies are literally limited, once something is sold we will not be making more.

And you can rest easy knowing your money will go to offset the financial burden of shutting things down, not to buy us a latte. Gotta pay the accountants and lawyers one last time.


Sibling Engineers Robin and Marty Lawson

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