6 biggest myths about being an engineer.

It was a bit of a shock to me and some of my peers when we started our first jobs.

The real world of engineering was NOT like the stereotype or like school.  21st century engineering requires a wide range of skills.  Our managers were asking us to do tasks school hadn’t prepared us for.

Surprise surprise, yet another stereotype isn’t true.  (sarcasm)

I’m going to dismantle the engineer stereotype, bit by bit, in 6 posts.

PLEASE share these posts with any science teachers, teens or their or parents in your life.

I especially want teens who are considering engineering or any other science field to read my posts.

In my tutoring I see many brilliant students who think they can’t be this or that profession because they don’t fit the stereotype.

It breaks my heart.

The engineer stereotype is increasingly false in 21st century, and those who do not fit it are highly sought after by smart companies.

The first misconception is a big one.  Hang on, it may be a bumpy ride, but it’s worth it.

Myth #1 You need straight A’s to be an engineer.

Myth #2  There is only one correct answer.

Myth#3  Engineering is not creative.

Myth #4 You need calculus

Myth #5  Engineers work alone.

Myth #6 Engineers don’t care about people.

And the follow up:

You may be an engineer if…