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Saying Goodbye :(

29 June

You may have noticed Lumen has been silent since late Feb. We had big plans for 2020 (didn’t we all!). More in person classes as well as retiring old designs to make room for new blinky bling in kit and jewelry form. But then the global pandemic started and events were postponed. And postponed again. […]

Lumen is on Amazon

02 May

Lumen Kits are on Amazon! We’ve entered the 20th century!  Check them out. And I probably shouldn’t be saying this, but if you have Amazon Prime you get FREE SHIPPING!  (Unlike our website.) Why on earth would I tell you that?  Because we need reviews, which weigh heavily in the Amazon search algorithms.  It’s the […]

New Photos!

19 April

We have updated some of our photos.  Photography has always been difficult for us.  Cameras do not work the same as the human eye. If the lighting is too bright, the camera does not pick up the blinks.  If it is dim enough to see the blinks on screen, the jewelry is too dark to see detail. […]