More Skull boards!

09 March

We’re so excited!  We ordered more skull boards, and they finally arrived on the slooooow boat from China (no, really).  We can’t wait to make these into all sorts of blinky awesomeness.  In the next month look out for these on our etsy site, as necklaces, earrings, pins, and cuff links.  Rock! Robin

Elemental Lumen

27 February

Hi geeks and geekets, this is Marty, the other half of Lumen Jewelry.  While developing new circuits for Lumen Jewelery I strive for simplicity.  During development of the circuit for the Heart I stumbled onto the simplest circuit that is solar powered, glows, and keeps glowing after it gets dark.  It’s only three parts.  3!!!  I […]

Phase 2 of Lumen, inspiring kids!

12 February

Marty and I are super duper excited about our next phase of Lumen Jewelry, using it to inspire the next generation of our minions!   Mwa ha ha ha!  Er, wait, I mean, inspiring little engineers and scientists!  Yeah, that’s it.  We are working to adapt our smaller jewelry pieces into kits like this cute solar cockroach.  We’ll […]

On to plan B

12 November

Do’h!  The kickstarter campaign was a resoundingly unsuccessful, only $1,636 raised out of $25k.  We’re taking that as a sign that although people LOVE our blinky awesomeness, kickstarter may not be the  correct outlet.  Never fear fans, we are by no means done.  As engineers we have plan B (and C and D and E…we just […]

How a Skull is made.

15 October

Hello everyone!  I’m, Marty, the other half of Lumen Jewelry.  I do the design and testing of the circuits used in our jewelry.  Today I’ll discuss how the Skull circuit was made.  The Skull is the second circuit I developed for Lumen, and the basis for the Owl and Robot in our kickstarter campaign as […]

3…2…1… BLASTOFF!!!

10 October

Lumen Electronic Jewelry is for sale on the internet!!!  Our kickstarter campaign is LIVE!  We’re so excited, we can’t use enough capital letters and exclamation points to convey it all, so decided to spare you.  Here it is! Lumen Electronic Jewelry:  First Production Run! If you like what we are up to we need your […]

Baking with Metals!

01 October

This is our favorite part of the manufacturing process, melting with metals!  Solder paste , which is metal in a liquid binder and kept in the fridge until we are ready to use it, is syringed onto the boards.  The components are placed on top of the gray paste and held in place by surface […]