Upcoming Holiday Shows

04 November

We have 3 holiday this season: Nov. 14th will be Craft’Za in Minneapolis, MN.  We attended their spring show and it was a great success. Nov. 20-22nd will be TeslaCon 6 in Madison, WI.  The theme for this Steampunk immersion event is Wild Wild West.  I need to dust off my chaps. Dec. 4th-5th will be the Holiday No Coast Craft-O-Rama in Minneapolis, MN.  I’ve heard […]

Raising our prices by up to 30%

07 October

Yup, you read that right. On Monday October 26th we will be raising our prices across the board, by up to 30%. Why, you may ask? This year we attended quite a few shows.  So much fun! And we have a few more coming this fall. We have also implemented software and processes behind the scenes to […]

“You should make (insert copyrighted design)!”

23 September

“You should make (insert idea here)” People often give us design suggestions.  I love this, it helps me know what is on my customers minds. And I keep a list.  Currently elephants are trending.  And turtles. However many of the suggestions are from popular movies, comics, and sci-fi franchises. The designs are therefore protected under […]

Myth #4: You need calculus.

15 July

Myth #4: You need calculus. I did take a lot of calculus to become a Mechanical Engineer. However there are many different types of engineers.  Computer, Bio-medical, Chemical, Industrial, Civil, etc.  Check out this link for more.  Many of them do not require calculus, or much higher level math. In my job(s) as an engineer […]