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Phase 2 of Lumen, inspiring kids!

12 February

Marty and I are super duper excited about our next phase of Lumen Jewelry, using it to inspire the next generation of our minions!   Mwa ha ha ha!  Er, wait, I mean, inspiring little engineers and scientists!  Yeah, that’s it.  We are working to adapt our smaller jewelry pieces into kits like this cute solar cockroach.  We’ll […]

On to plan B

12 November

Do’h!  The kickstarter campaign was a resoundingly unsuccessful, only $1,636 raised out of $25k.  We’re taking that as a sign that although people LOVE our blinky awesomeness, kickstarter may not be the  correct outlet.  Never fear fans, we are by no means done.  As engineers we have plan B (and C and D and E…we just […]