Blinky LED Sea Turtle Necklace


“I be Lacey, pirate captains of the sea.  Ye should of seen the shark that bit off me leg, twas her last meal!”

Watch them in action below.

Lacey has 4 glittering LED jewels on her back, powered by 5 tiny solar cells. No need for her to go ashore, ever.  Hung on a 18″ gunmetal grey chain with a 3″ silver extension and sealed in epoxy to protect her from salt water.

Size: 2″ wide by 2″ tall
Solar Charge Time: 15 minutes
Optional USB Charge Time: 2 minutes
Lifespan in Darkness: 3+ hours

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And don’t fret if you’re not super tech-savvy — we’’ll include all the details and directions with the piece, so you can get the very most out of your jewelry. 

Operation:  I’m alive, I’m ALIVE!                                                                                                   

  1. Flip the switch to the side labeled “Direct”. The power storage capacitors are disconnected and I get my energy directly off the surrounding light. Sunlight is best, but not the only source I like.
  2. Flip the switch to the side labeled “Store” to store solar energy or run off of internal storage.  The storage capacitor is now connected.
    1. Solar – find a light source I like and leave me under it for 45 minutes.
    2. Optional USB – plug me in. Wait 4 minutes until the blue/white light comes on.  I’m full!
  3. Store my energy for later by flipping the switch to the side labeled “Direct”.

 Endurance: In “Store” I’ll run about 3+ hours on a full charge. In “Direct” I’ll blink as long as the room is bright.

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Dimensions 4 × 4 × 1 in