Geek + Art = TechnoFashion.
Showcase the soul of technology with
distinctive electronic jewelry,
powered by science!

Lumen is …

  1. Super-cool, solar-powered electronic jewelry.  No batteries, ever.
  2. A reliably awesome conversation starter.
  3. Inspiring children (especially girls) to love technology with hands on learning.
  4. Living, blinking proof that the guts of technology can be beautiful.
  5. Made with love by two siblings, both fourth-generation engineers.

Geekery and Artsy had a baby. And it’s got pretty blinking lights!

We take the guts of circuit boards and make distinctively awesome designs to showcase the uniquely beautiful and strangely organic soul of technology.  Lumen is the union of function and aesthetics.

But our designs don’t stop there. No, ma’am! Each piece has LED lights connected to a solar cell. So your jewelry charges up and blinks in an ever-so-captivating manner. Interactive fashion FTW!

So each piece runs on an “eternal” power source — the sun! (OK, OK, it’s actually tri-layer silicon single crystals with the right impurities … insert dorky laughter here.) Oh, and if you’re a geek on the run (or just forget to solar charge your bling), Lumen pieces also come with micro-USB charge connectors. Rock!

Anatomy of TechnoFashion


Geekware for everyone!

You don’t need to be an engineer to love these designs. In fact, you don’t even need to know the difference between Star Trek and Star Wars if that’s not your thing. Lumen is just fabulous for:

  • Men, women, kids, dogs, robots, and aliens
  • Your geeky significant other.  They will light up when Lumen lights up.
  • Providing a conversation starter for the dancefloor/hipster coffeeshop/sci fi convention
  • Wearing your love of technology on your sleeve. Or backpack. Or ears.
  • Celebrating the strange beauty of the techno-world we’ve created. Science!!
  • Helping a brother and sister live their dream.

But We’ve Got Even Bigger Dreams, Mwahaha.

We’ve noticed that kids are fascinated by Lumen. (Um, ‘cos they’re awesome!) These pieces have a great way of demystifying technology and making it accessible, fun, and even pretty.

Our Soldering Kits are fabulous vehicle for getting kids (especially girls) excited about math and science. We’ve seen how they light up when they light up! Our hearts go all aflutter when we think about encouraging a new wave of little engineers.

So, see? When you invest in Lumen, you’re not just buying awesome jewelry. You’re also helping youngsters get psyched about math and science. Which is just awesome.