Who We Are

We’re life-long tinkerers, siblings, and fourth generation mechanical engineers.

It started the 4th of July, 2010.  Robin was home for the holiday and bored with making beaded jewelry.  The fireworks inspired her to dream up jewelry that twinkled with tiny LEDs.  As an engineer it seemed only natural the circuit board running them would be part of the design.

Marty suggested she make the jewelry solar powered to avoid the heavy battery that can die.  Robin was skeptical, but once Marty proved light in could power light out there was no stopping.  The dragonfly was our first design and 9 iterations later the rest is geek history.

Marty Lawson,
Chief Geek

– Takes Robin’s artsy designs and makes them work.

– Is really good at explaining techno-babble.

– Earned a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering from UW-Madison.

– Plays with giant lasers and telescopes and AWD motorcycles.

– Gets all aflutter seeing how much flashing light he can make with tiny amounts of power. Electronic Golf!

– Loved playing with Legos as a kid, and still uses them to build prototypes for the occasional concept model.

– Loves working with his amazing sister.

Robin Lawson,
Design Diva

– Takes Marty’s clever circuits and makes them pretty.

-Jane of all trades, master of many.

– Earned a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering at the U of U.

– Dances salsa and Argentine tango like no one is watching.

– Gets all aflutter dreaming about using Lumen to inspire kids to love math and science, especially girls.

– Had a pet raccoon one summer named Teddy. Learned raccoon puberty is not a fun time for humans.

– Loves working with her genius brother.